I Wanna Tell. I Wanna Speak
The Powers That Be
Have A Choke On Me
Robbing My Words. My Regrets
With Their Selfish Lies. Their Twisted Threats
Burying My Truth. My Reputation
In The Dirt Of Their Evil Intimidation
I Wanna Tell. I Wanna Speak
Silenced To Shut Up. Bullied To Cover Up
I Must Tell. I Must Speak
To Stand With The Brave
To Stand For The Weak
I Will Not. I Won’t Fear
So Hear Me Loud. Hear Me Clear
I Am Not Property
Not To Be Used. Ruled. Nor Abused
I Will Not. I Won’t. I Refuse
To Eulogize My Voice
It’s My Right. It’s My Choice
So I Call You Out
From Behind Your Desk
Your Seat. Your Position
I Shout
Your Name. Your Title. Your Addiction
I Shut Down Your Power Over Me
I Shut Down Your Sick Game
I Don’t Care About Your Kept Image
Don’t Care About Your Fame
I Choose
If I Lose I Lose
My Voice I Regain
I Refuse To Take It. Fake It
While You Forsake It. Make It
Truth Is The Brave Way. The New Trend
Your Time Is Up. You Are Done
My Turn Now. I Have Risen!
To All My Sisters. Young And Old
Our Stories. Our Truths. Must Be Told
If They Don’t Believe
Greater Is
We Can Finally Breathe
No Longer Captive
I Am A Me2 Girl
I Was A Me2 Girl
Who Now Freely Lives 
I Am. I Was A Me2 Girl
Living Victoriously
I Am. I Was A Me2 Girl
Living My Very Best Whole Me


2 thoughts on “Me2- A NEW DAY

  1. Often times, we’ve kept silent about being abused and our abusers. No longer will we keep silent. We will speak up and speak out. This piece has set a platform to be heard. Great job to The Hat Poet!

    Liked by 1 person

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