To All Military Service Men & Women Especially To The Memory of Sgt. Chester J. McBride

vet flag




Born March 25. 1985
To A Loving Devoted Mother
A Father Whose Name His Was Derived
Statesboro Georgia Native. Blue Devils Alumni
Played Football With Heart. With Pride
A Defensive Back On His State Championship Team
Respected Highly. Highly Esteemed
As A Student. As An Athlete
For His Ethics. His Character. His Integrity
Guided Him To Excel In His Collegiate Career
His Ultimate Goal To Persevere
A Graduate At Savannah State University
Played Tigers Football. Earned A Criminal Justice Degree
With Cum Laude Recognition
This Man Had Great Ambitions
A Graduate Of The Criminal Investigator Training Course
Received A Criminal Justice Degree From
The Community College Of The Air Force
Earned A Master’s Degree From Valdosta State
His Keys To Succeed. To Dominate
He Believed In Prayer. His Power
His Trust. In God. His Strong Tower
He Loved His Entire Family. His Sister. His Father
His Mother. He Deeply Adored
His Niece. His Nephew. His Pride And Joy. His Reward
Football And Basketball. He Loved To Watch. To Play
To Work Out Was Priority For Mr. CJ
A Man Of Deep Passion. Great Dedication
A Man With Intense Determination
A Man With FBI Aspirations
An United States Airman Of The Maxwell Air Force Base
His Heart’s Desire. To Help Create
A Better World. A Better Place
Serving His Country. His Ultimate Selfless Sacrifice
Became A Human Shield. His Ultimate Valuable Price
His Life. His Legacy. The Heart Of American Pride
Salute To A True American Hero
Farewell Soldier. Forever Soldier
Air Force Special Agent
Staff Sgt. Chester J. McBride


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