Class of 2019 Congratulations
Don’t Be Scared. Don’t Be Afraid
Don’t Be Misled. Don’t Be Swayed
By What You Used To
The New Is Ready To Meet You
The Born For This You
The You With Much Value
Created For Purpose. For So Much More
As You Travel Thru Your Life’s Journey
As You Walk Thru Your Open Doors
Exploring Your Gifts. Your Dreams. Your Destiny
Don’t Be Afraid. Don’t You Fear
The New. Your New Is Here
It’s Real. It Shall Be Reveal
Focus. Set. Don’t Look Back
It’s Only A Trap To Distract
Be Strong. Don’t Give In
The New Must. It Shall Win
For You. It Will Defend
You Must See It Through
To The Other Side. The Other Side Of New
You’ll Be Proud. You’ll Be Surprised
If You Don’t Settle. If You Don’t Compromise
Your Goals. Your Dreams
Allow Them To Fully Rise
Don’t Be Afraid Of Failure. Be Afraid Of Demise
This New Is For You. It’s Your Shine
God Created It. It’s Yours. Just Make Up Your Mind
Claim It. Own It Child
The Best Is Yet To Come
Just Wait Awhile
You’ll See. The New Shall Be
But Don’t Dance With The Enemy
His Moves. To Steal. To Kill. To Destroy
Your Dreams. Your Passion. Your Joy
His Words. His Lies. Spoken To Deceive
Be Steadfast. Be Unmoved
For The New. For The Improved
You. Your Life. Both Worthy To Receive
Take A Second Look
Take The Pen. Write Your Own Storybook
For Your Own Life. Your Own Chapters
You Worked Hard For It
You Are Worth It. You Deserve It
It’s Your Life. And Your Life Forever Matters

jesus holding the world

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