In The Beginning Was The Word
The Word Was With God. The Word Was God
In His Hands All Power Belong
The Power Of Choice He Sent To Us
From His Throne
Whether You Choose Right
Whether You Choose Wrong
It’s Your Choice. Your Choice Alone
He Could Have Chosen To Retain. To Restrain
But The Omnipotent God Chose To Refrain
Thus We Should Comply. Not To Nullify
The Freedom Of Choice. To Legislate. To Waive
Individuals’ Rights Should Not Be Enslaved
Be It Right. Be It Wrong
Let The Power Of Choice
Remain Where It Rightfully Belongs
Not In The Hands Of Domination. Nor Legislation
Not Your Plight. Nor Your Fight
Every Matter Is Not A Matter-of-Law Resolution
Every Law Is Not  Conducive To A Favorable Revolution
When It’s All Said And Done
Regardless The Reason. Regardless The Outcome
The Choices We Make
We Will Give An Account On Judgment Day
God Will Have The Final Say
But Life’s Ultimate Choice
To Choose Who You Will Serve
 Where You Will Eternally Abide
Still Yours To Decide
He Will Not Force. Neither Will He Override
The Power Of Choice
Good Or Bad. Approve Or Disapprove
Win Or Lose
Everyone Has The Right. The Freedom
The Power To Choose



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